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Our Services

Our in-home personal chef service is where the magic happens, right in your own kitchen.

The question never goes away, and it always gets old: "What's for dinner?"  You are bombarded every day with food messages:  Cooking magazines in the supermarket checkout line, television channels devoted to food or celebrity chefs on TV.  So much to choose from!  What if you didn't have to stress over an appetizing, healthy meal?  Wouldn't it be nice to spend more time with friends and family?  What if dinner was already taken care of?  And all you had to do was heat it according to simple instructions?  Or what if you want to throw a fabulous dinner party...wouldn't it be fun to relax with your guests while someone else is preparing your feast?


Our meals are created specifically for each client, with your dietary needs in mind. Gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, vegan, vegetarian, and allergy-friendly requests are welcomed. Our services include:

Fresh service

Stock your freezer

Cooking Classes

Private parties

In-home Catering

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How it Works


After filling out a food questionnaire, we will meet in-person or on the phone for a consultation.

During the consultation process, you and our chef will discuss  your family's dietary requirements/restrictions, taste preferences, and cuisine style to determine what type of menu would be best for you. 

Menu Planning

Our chef will research, plan, and develop a custom menu designed around your specific requirements and desires. Once our Chef has created your final menu, it will be emailed to you for your approval.


Upon approval of the menu, your service date will be booked and confirmed. Then our Chef will send a pantry list. This is everything needed for the cook.  You mark off what you have on hand.   

Shop and Cook

On your service date, your chef will hand-select high-quality ingredients and arrive at your home with their equipment and groceries.

Each meal is cooked fresh in your home to your personal specifications. Your custom meals will be packaged, labeled and stored with heating instructions.

Just like that, it's done! The food fairy has finished and your kitchen will be cleaned just as the Chef found it. The only thing remaining will be the welcoming aroma of freshly prepared meals, and a fridge stocked full of delicious food.

Cooking Classes
Cooking Class

Cooking Classes

We offer one-on-one or small group classes for private chef lessons tailored to your personal desires. We offer a range of classes to get you feeling more comfortable in the kitchen including menu planning, grocery shopping on a budget, eating healthy, bulk food-prep, cooking for your diet or dietary restriction and more.


No matter the courses you choose, you’ll also learn invaluable lessons such as food and kitchen safety, proper techniques, cooking tips and time-saving hacks. 

"People who love to eat are always the best people."

Julia Child 

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